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December 2023

LE&RN Launches Patient Resource Center

Veronica Seneriz, Patient Services Director

In 2022, the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) was thrilled to hire Juzo Champion Veronica Seneriz as its first Patient Services Director. “Not only did she have extensive ties to the lymphatic community, but she also had personal reasons to support LE&RN’s mission” said William Repicci, LE&RN President & CEO. “An effort quickly began to assemble new and existing materials to support the physical and psychological journey of people living with lymphatic diseases (LDs). The result is the newly introduced LE&RN Resource Center.” Veronica shares her thoughts about this new initiative below.

How does LE&RN support patients?
LE&RN's mission is to fight lymphatic diseases through education, research and advocacy. To learn more, watch Breaking Barriers in Lymphatic Disease Research and Care.

Why did LE&RN create the Resource Center?
It has been an honor and privilege to serve the lymphatic community as LE&RN’s Patient Services Director, where, for the last two years, I have provided non-clinical support through shared experience as I have lived with lymphedema (LE) for nearly 30 years. It has run in my family for over a century, and six family members have been impacted with lower extremity LE in various presentations. It took my father, Pete, more than 25 years to get a diagnosis, and he endured over 100 bouts of cellulitis. Our decades-long struggle against LE drove my passion for creating the LE&RN Resource Center (LRC). As such, I humbly dedicate the LE&RN Resource Center to my father, who passed away in 2016, and everyone out there still searching for a diagnosis or treatment. At the LE&RN Resource Center, we want you to know that we understand and you are not alone.

What does the Resource Center include, and how should patients access it?
The LRC is a complimentary global support service to assist the lymphatic community in navigating the complexities of LDs, including LE, lipedema, and lymphatic anomalies. We serve people living with LDs and their families, caretakers, and healthcare providers. The LRC can help find specialized care through the Centers of Excellence network, locate certified LE therapists, and provide educational resources. Visit the LRC at Lymphaticnetwork.org/resource-center. Contact us at 1-855-378-8163 or LRC@lymphaticnetwork.org.

What are some other ways LE&RN supports the lymphedema community?
World Lymphedema Day©
In 2016—at LE&RN’s urging—the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring March 6 World Lymphedema Day (WLD). WLD is an annual celebratory event to educate the world about LDs. Join advocates from around the world in planning a live or virtual event. Visit Lymphaticnetwork.org/wld to post your celebration on the interactive map.

LE&RN Centers of Excellence
LE&RN Centers of Excellence provide a geographically diverse network of multidisciplinary clinical care and service centers for individuals and families affected by LD. In 2023, LE&RN grew to 62 Centers of Excellence. Learn more at Lymphaticnetwork.org/centers-of-excellence.

LE&RN/Lymph Notes U.S. Lymphedema Therapist Scholarships
Scholarships are awarded annually in memory of writer and LE advocate Ann Ehrlich, who initiated the awards in 2013. There is only one therapist for every 1,000 Americans living with LE. This scholarship will help to address this disparity by encouraging healthcare professionals to obtain specialty LE therapist training and certification. Special consideration is given to professionals working with underserved populations. To be notified when the 2024 application cycle begins, subscribe to LE&RN eNews.

Lymphatic Disease 2024: What’s New? What’s Exciting?
Join Stanford University and LE&RN, Jan. 26, for the 2024 Virtual Lymphatic Summit to understand the evolving knowledge base in biomedical research. Global lymphatic leaders will present topics on bioengineering, imaging and intervention, genetics, gene therapy, diet, pharmacology, surgery and the role of lymphatics in the expression of systemic health and disease. Register online.

LE&RN and LIVE: Cancer-Related Lymphedema Resources
To bring awareness to this disease and to advocate for prevention and early treatment, LE&RN and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) joined forces with two celebrities who have experienced LE’s effects first-hand: actors Kathy Bates and Steve Guttenberg. The goal is to provide knowledge and tools to help others understand how to get properly diagnosed, advocate for yourself and find the best medical professionals. Access online at Lymphaticnetwork.org/learn-live.

LE&RN Symposium Series
Find out about the latest research and best practices in lymphatic disease care in the online video library filled with all of LE&RN’s Symposiums as well as the Harvard Lymphedema Symposiums. These presentations from world-renowned doctors and therapists range from personal care and surgery options to cutting-edge research in lymphatics.

Ask the Experts
Getting expert answers to your questions is now easy and convenient. Our online forum allows you to ask a medical practitioner or therapist questions related to lymphatic diseases.

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