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November 2023

Q&A with Skin Cancer Survivor Brittanny Groover

Brittanny Groover

Brittanny Grover is a Stage 2B Melanoma skin cancer survivor who developed lymphedema. She is a strong advocate for those impacted by both conditions and is doing what she can to spread awareness of early detection and the benefits of medical compression. She answered a few questions for us to get to know her a little better. To find our more and follow her progress, connect with her on Instagram, @beingbrittanny.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Brittanny, 30 years old, live in Pennsylvania with my hubby, Myrl and our 8-year-old son. I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Melanoma Skin Cancer at 27. It was on my right shin and spread to my lymph node. I dedicate most of my time to skin cancer advocacy via Instagram, @beingbrittanny. My goal is to provide skin cancer awareness and prevention, such as wearing sunscreen and quitting indoor/outdoor tanning.

When did you learn you had lymphedema?
My surgical oncologist performed a sentinel lymph node biopsy. He removed a lymph node from my right groin where the cancer spread. The next summer, my family and I went on vacation to Ocean City, MD. My right leg, ankles and feet were swollen every evening. My calves were tight and my entire groin felt heavy. I visited a lymphedema specialist, who confirmed that I was experiencing mild lymphedema.

What does your treatment plan include?
Manual lymphatic drainage massage. Increasing my activity; walking, swimming. Plus, I was fitted for thigh-high Juzo compression stockings.

What Juzo products do you wear and how to they help you?
Juzo has been so life changing for me. I wear thigh-high Juzo Soft compression stockings. My Juzo stockings relieve my discomfort. I work from home, so compression stockings alleviate pain/discomfort by increasing blood flow. Hot summer days are also a trigger. Compression improves circulation and reduces pain in my legs and feet at the end of the work day. My Juzo products have improved my quality of life.

I love fashion and it’s been so fun being able to dress and style my Juzo compression stockings along with my favorite outfits…rather than having them be just a simple add on.

What is something you've learned that you wished you'd known sooner about lymphedema and/or compression?
Getting fitted for the appropriate dosage, size, option or containment of medical compression garments is important to effectively manage lymphedema.

What motivates you to persist, despite the complications you face from lymphedema?
I lost my father to MS in 2005. I was 12 years old. He was a warrior. These lows of my life taught me how to be resilient. He taught me to keep fighting.

Why do you want to advocate for awareness of lymphedema and compression?
Being fitted for my Juzo compression garments was a simple process. My surgical oncologist referred me to a lymphedema specialist. They measured me for compression stockings, and Juzo stockings arrived at my doorstep soon after. See what options your insurance offers to cover the cost of compression garments. If you have lymphedema and are a Medicare beneficiary, you may be able to get Juzo compression garments covered by your insurance.

What advice to you have for someone recently diagnosed with lymphedema?
My lymphedema specialist recommended me to follow a physical therapist who shares general knowledge and tips to soothe lymphedema on her YouTube and Instagram. I recommend her lymphatic massage videos. Find her @CancerRehabPT.

Anything else you'd like to share?
Schedule a skin check with a dermatologist. Catching skin cancer early is important. Thank you Juzo for giving me this opportunity to share my experience.

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Cheryl G Parke commented on Dec 27, 2023

I was excited to read your blog! I am a stage 4 melanoma cancer survivor & have lymphedema in my left arm. The melanoma went to the lymph nodes under my left arm after 1 year of chemotherapy for the original melanoma! The lymphedema did not develop until 20 years later! I now use a compression sleeve and gauntlet. I am grateful that the sleeve keeps my lymphedema under control! I am very to be alive & healthy today!

Cindy commented on Nov 28, 2023

Juzo compression sleeves have helped my stage 4 melanoma recovery, too. My only ask would be UPF protection in them. You can’t wear sunscreen with them, so that means another layer of clothing.

Brittanny Groover commented on Nov 27, 2023

Thank you so much for sharing my thoughts & experience! & thank you to anyone who took the time to read.


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