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October 2022

Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer

Tom Musone, Director of Marketing

Each October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Juzo looks to provide helpful information about the correlation between breast cancer and lymphedema and share inspirational stories from those managing the condition during and after a cancer diagnosis. Here is a roundup of our most popular posts on the topic. We welcome you to share in the comments what you found helpful and your own stories and advice.

Breast Cancer & Awareness: Four Perspectives

Breast Cancer Awareness Month began in 1985 with the goal of educating women about breast cancer and early detection. There have been numerous advancements in research, treatment and survivorship, but there’s still much to do. This post provides four perspectives on the disease, challenges and opportunities – a breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, survivor and therapist. Thanks to Dr. Beth DuPree Dr. Vikisha Fripp, Ruth and Cheri for sharing their thoughts and advice, as well as advocating for others.

Read more: https://juzousa.com/Juzo-Blog/Article/Breast-Cancer-Awareness-four-Perspectives.

Breast Cancer, Lymphatics & What to Expect Next

Most of Breast Cancer Awareness Month’s focus is on breast cancer screenings and detection awareness, which are extremely important. However, post-cancer prevention is hardly ever discussed with those subjected to this life-changing diagnosis. Melissa Gallagher explains more about how cancer affects the lymphatic system, what survivors should expect and precautions to take.

Read more: https://juzousa.com/Juzo-Blog/Article/What-To-Expect-Next.

The Importance of Screening for Lymphedema

Did you know lymphedema is a side effect of breast cancer treatment? It’s not caused by anything a patient has or has not done. Lymphedema therapist Cheryl Brunelle explains the risk factors and the importance of screening before, during and after treatment.

Read more: https://juzousa.com/Juzo-Blog/Article/Screening-Lymphedema-After-Cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Radiation Therapy and Its Effects

Radiation therapy is a necessary treatment for many women with breast cancer. Without specialized care, ongoing radiation tissue changes can cause pain, lymphedema and reduced quality of life. Jodi Winicour PT, CMT, CLT-LANA explains more about the effects of this treatment and how to manage complications.

Read more: https://juzousa.com/Juzo-Blog/Article/Radiation-Therapy-Effects.

Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors: Fighting the Good Fight

Juzo is always in your corner to help fight lymphedema, and we celebrate those battling breast cancer and survivors who continue to fight the good fight. Here are a few stories we find truly inspiring.

Read more: https://juzousa.com/Juzo-Blog/Article/Celebrating-Survivors-Fighting-the-Good-Fight.

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