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December 2019

Reflection and Hope

Multiple Authors

For everyone living with lymphedema and/or lipedema, Juzo is in your corner. It’s our goal to not only provide products that support your ability to move freely, but also serve as an advocate for raising awareness of these conditions and ways to manage them. As part of this effort, we’ve partnered with a special group of ambassadors who are facing the same challenges and frustrations as many of you…and they are finding ways to overcome them and serve as an inspiration to this community. As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve asked them to share their reflections on the year and goals for 2020.

Ali Neff
This year was the biggest year of my life so far. Up until 2019, I have always perceived my lymphedema as a negative, but I’ve turned my negative thinking into positivity. I now use my condition to motivate others. Partnering with Juzo has allowed me to meet so many people who have lymphedema. The feeling of being a part of a community that I can personally relate to is truly a blessing. In 2020, I will continue to be vulnerable and push to educate others on a condition that is so rarely talked about; yet so many people suffer from. My advice and message to others is to follow your dreams no matter how far-fetched you may think they are. Whether it's good or bad, accept what life throws at you with an open mind. Everything truly does happen for a reason.

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Amy Rivera
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, making memories is priceless. I want to thank everyone who believed in my vision and trusted my mission to channel my childhood pain into a purpose much larger than me. Because of you, I’m able to be that person for Cora and so many others that I didn’t have growing up. I’m able to be my own superhero.

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Lindsey Sosovec
No one warned me about lymphedema. No one told me it could happen to me. I haven’t let my diagnosis be my prognosis – and I hope you aren’t either. Together, we can adapt and overcome. My 2020 goal is to help make lymphedema easier for myself and others. I am here to help, whether you need inspiration, support or fitness ideas. I have a few things in the works including shoe discounts, innovative compression ideas, and wearable technologies. Stay tuned.

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Pattie Cornute
One of the proudest moments I had this year was learning that doctors were directing new members to the Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group. Talk about coming full circle; it made me realize that we are changing how lipedema is being treated! No longer are those newly diagnosed being told to not exercise.

The thing I am most looking forward to in 2020 is the 5th Annual Lipedema Triathlon - 5th Annual! How cool is that? This year brought us International participation with members from Germany, Australia and even the Isle of Man! I can't wait to see how far and wide we can spread awareness this year!

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Thomas Walsh
This past year, I was happy to be able to push myself to my best athletic season, yet! I am looking forward to working even harder this coming year to further demonstrate what it means to be active, athletic and healthy, despite having swelling and lymphedema. I feel blessed to have been welcomed into the Juzo and lymphedema communities, and I am eager to meet and inspire more community members to be the very best that they can!

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Vernoica Seneriz
This year has been absolutely incredible, and I am humbled beyond words to have been given such amazing opportunities by my Juzo family. When you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people on the same mission towards making a positive impact, everything changes. Two years ago, when I started the #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series, Juzo stepped forward and said, “We believe in your vision.” When you develop something innovative, you make a lot of mistakes. The important thing is to never give up no matter how many hours it takes to level out the learning curve. Juzo offered me great advice by saying, “Don’t worry about the small stuff. Focus on leading.” In two years, the Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club Facebook group has grown from less than 500 members to more than 2,000 members from 78 countries, and we’ve had more than 500 challenge participants. Last month, I was honored to present my vision and its global impact at the 2019 National Lymphedema Network Conference A Cerebral Experience: Making Sense of Lymphedema. Thank you Juzo for sharing the vision early on and your support for two awesome years.

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