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February 2023

Who are the Compression “Good Guys?”

Caroline Pinney, Juzo Education Manager

Caroline is the Education and Training Manager for Juzo. She knows the benefits of all Juzo products—inside and out—and shares that information with patients, therapists, fitters and Juzo dealers through a variety of workshops and webinars.

So, you have been told you need to wear a compression garment to manage symptoms associated with a disease or condition. AND, you are told that you should wear the garment every day during waking hours for the rest of your life. All of this might feel a little overwhelming…especially with so many choices out there. We are here to help you understand what to look for in choosing a compression garment.

Firstly, it is important to understand that NOT ALL COMPRESSION IS THE SAME! The FDA does not have standards in place for testing compression garments. Since there are no testing standards, it creates a breeding pool for mass distributors of cheap imposters that are usually not therapeutic or comfortable. They may even make your condition worse. Compression manufacturers, like Juzo, are ISO 13485 certified, the medical industry's standard, ensuring that all medical devices meet the proper regulatory compliance laws and customer needs. Product conformity is important across all industries, but it's especially crucial when designing and manufacturing medical devices. Consistent product quality is an issue of patient safety and therapeutic outcome.

How do you know if a manufacturer is one of the “Good Guys?” Definitely do a little research and ask questions. These compression garments are going to be a big part of your lifestyle so you need to be sure you are wearing something that is comfortable and effective. There are some qualities to look for that may make things more comfortable, more durable and easier to get on and off. Let’s take a closer look!

Two-way stretch. Your compression garment is worn to offer support to your circulatory systems and also to prevent your limb from swelling. Quality compression garments offer graduated compression—meaning you have 100% of your compression at the bottom of your garment and a gradual lessening version of that compression that moves towards the heart. The horizontal stretch on your garment is a big part of how a compression garment does its job. Quality garments also should offer vertical stretch. When you pull a garment vertically, it should have recoil. The two-way stretch feature is a strong indicator of quality compression. When a garment is made with two-way stretch it will stay in place better, be more comfortable and more durable.

Covered elastomers. Elastomers are used to make your compression garment. They give it the stretch. A garment can be made with bare elastomers or covered elastomers. When choosing a garment, you may want to consider some of the benefits covered elastomers bring to the table. At Juzo, we use a quality process where we double coat bare elastomers with a very soft fiber…we call that process “FiberSoft.” By choosing a product with a covered elastomer, it may make the garment easier to get on and off, more breathable and comfortable against the skin.

Sizing. It is easier and less costly to mass produce a product with a “one size fits all” mentality. Cheap imposters of medical compression often deploy these practices and will offer products with a bad fit that may even cause more harm than good. Proper fit matters, which is why you need a medical professional or fitter to measure you before ordering your compression garment. Then, talk with your certified Juzo fitter or therapist about size choices. You want to make sure the garment you order has length options and more than just a couple of size options to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable fit for the one you select. Juzo dealers have access to all of our size charts to ensure a proper fit.

We hope some of these tips help you in selecting a garment.

Check out all of the great Juzo compression stocking products and learn some DIY tips to get the most of our your garment and compression therapy. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, @JuzoCompression and Facebook to learn more about Juzo products and resources.

Gus Gazis commented on Mar 20, 2024

Just bought thigh high size 2. I'm a male 5"7 165 pounds.I can't walk more than 50 yards without them falling to my knee, only use on my left leg for lymphedema. Very disappointing what should I do?

Wensu commented on Nov 16, 2023

I'd like to second the suggestion to add the size of garment inside the band. Also, the model number would help. I am not a fan of the sewn in tag found at the top of my knee highs. Trying to remove the tag could leave holes in the fabric.

Olga Krupinski commented on Mar 06, 2023

I am a compression fitter with 16 years of experience. In my opinion, the "good guys" are the great manufacturers like Juzo but also the skilled and seasoned fitters, with an extensive product knowledge, who carry such great garments. Even the best product will not work if it is not provided and fitted correctly. Please do yourself a favor and establish a relationship with a great fitter in your area for the best result and comfort of wear. I have seen thousands of people who tried to purchase garments themselves without being properly fitted. Most of the results were disastrous. Wishing you all the best as you navigate the "compression world".

Kathy underwood commented on Feb 24, 2023

Need support

Glenda Vesich commented on Feb 24, 2023

I love Juzo stocking!

Susan See commented on Feb 24, 2023

Please add the size of the garment to the band. I have been going through several sizes in effort to get the correct one. It 8s very easy to get the garments mixed up.

Silver Pleass commented on Feb 23, 2023

Does insurance pay


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