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September 2018

Lymphedema Compression Garments, what you need to know

Cindy Anderson, Return/Product Training Manager

Has a medical professional recently told you that you need compression therapy? You likely have tons of questions, but no worries! Here are the basics you should know about the various lymphedema compression garments available and some key benefits – with the help of your medical team you can find the best medical compression garment for you.

Lymphedema compression garments help to manage re-accumulation of fluid by providing external pressure to tissue where lymphatic failure (or swelling due to fluid build up) has occurred. For best results, you should start wearing a compression garment as soon as possible after completing decongestive phase of treatment.

Not sure which compression garment is best for you? That’s okay. A trained or certified compression fitter can evaluate your condition and help you decide what is the best therapeutic compression garment to help manage your lymphedema. In addition to measuring and providing the best fit possible for your compression garment, they also will explain how certain variables will influence which product you should wear, such as the shape and size of your limb, your mobility, age and volume of swelling.

Types of Compression Garments
You’re probably wondering what different types of garments are available and even why there are different types. We’ll explain.

Circular knit garments are seamless and not as dense and stiff as flat knit. They come in standard sizes or Juzo can custom make them for you. The elasticity of the circular knit material is great for early to mild stages of lymphedema, when swelling is moderate. Other features include:

  • Comfort
  • Moderate containment
  • Maximum aesthetics - available in a variety of colors and prints
  • Not made with natural rubber (Latex free)

Juzo Lymphedema products with circular knit include Juzo Soft or Juzo Dynamic in the following styles arm sleeves, gauntlets/gloves and lower extremity.

Flat knit garments have a seam and offer excellent therapeutic results. Only available as custom-made, they can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. The fabric is stiffer and certain fabrics have a micro massage weave, which is preferred for areas with severe swelling. Combined with an optimal level of compression, flat knit garments offer the maximum containment in an elastic compression garment. Other features include:

  • Improved aesthetics - now available in a variety of colors
  • The density of the knit remains consistent throughout the garment (even at areas of larger circumferences, which is important for managing swelling)
  • Durable for extreme wear and use
  • Not made with natural rubber (Latex free)

Juzo products with flat knit include Juzo Expert and Juzo Strong garments which are custom to any body part with swelling issues. Most areas of lymphatic failure are arm sleeves, gauntlets/gloves and lower extremity..

Inelastic wraps are the most stiff and help reduce swelling or provide maintenance. These garments are Can be used as alternative to short stretch bandaging or for anyone who may have issues putting the garment on and taking it off. Features include:

  • Reversible –can be worn beige or black
  • Special notches and minimal overlying straps resist gapping and bulk
  • Provides increase in pressure during activity and reduced pressure during resting
  • Adjustable to increase pressure during the day

Juzo’s inelastic garment is the Juzo Compression Wrap and is available for lower and upper extremity.

Please remember to work with a trained compression professional at an authorized Juzo dealer to help select the best product, provide the best fit and give you proper instructions. We hope this helps answer some of your questions. Be sure to read other blog posts to learn more, including how to care for your garment and Juzo full product line of Lymphedema aids. Also, visit and register for our quarterly newsletter for more information.

Najma commented on May 12, 2024

Please can someone call me I need to order a garment for stage 4 lymphoedema

Kelly Prive commented on Sep 24, 2018

That's great Cindy, Thanks!

Kim commented on Sep 21, 2018



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