July 2021

Compression Helped Me Get My Life Back

Peggy McCartha, Photographer

Hi, I am Peggy. I am a professional photographer and as you can imagine, I’m on my feet for hours at a time.

Twenty-four years ago, my life was turned upside down. Mysteriously, my left leg began to swell, impeding my mobility and making life miserable. There were many trips to many different doctors, tests after tests for years, and yet no diagnosis.

In October 2005, my left leg was about three times the size of my right. Finally, a doctor was able to give me a diagnosis – Secondary Stage 3 Lymphedema. It was a relief to have a name attached to my condition. I assumed with a name, surely there was a path to a cure. You can imagine my disappointment, rather, my devastation, when I was told that there is no cure.

Fortunately, I was sent to a very good lymphedema therapist who taught me how to do self-care, including self-manual lymph drainage massages and multi-layer compression wraps. After much work and diligence, I was able to get some of the swelling down, but I still didn’t have freedom or mobility as the wraps were so uncomfortable and bulky. It was time to learn how to maintain this and start to get some of my life back. It was time to get measured for my very first medical-grade compression garment. I was excited about the potential of going to the next phase of my new normal.

I am going to be very honest, the first time I put on my medical-grade compression garment, it was not a happy time. It was hot, uncomfortable and it felt, well, it felt weird. It bunched in places and pinched in other places. This is where I realized not all compression garments are created equally.

Some cheap garments often do not even have the compression they claim. Some cause skin irritation, and worst of all- some roll, pinch and hurt! Not willing to give up, I continued the search. When I found Juzo almost 15 years ago, I found my life and my freedom!

When you first start wearing any compression garment, it takes some time to get used to, but when you have a good quality compression garment, you quickly feel the benefits! I could walk and work and be on my feet without pain and swelling. After more than eight years of having very limited mobility, I was able to get back on my feet and start getting my life back. Not only does Juzo give me the mobility that I need, but it’s also comfortable, and that’s important! It does not cause me any skin issues, and most importantly Juzo helps me keep my Lymphedema under control. My life is my life again.

My Juzo is the first thing that I put on in the morning, right after my morning lymphatic massage and the last thing that I take off at night. I personally LOVE my Juzo Silver Flat Knit custom compression garment. It’s the fit and material that works best for me.


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Deneen commented on Oct 16, 2021


I’m so happy for you! I have had Lymphedema in my right arm for 6 yrears due to Breast Cancer and 21 lymph nodes removed. I just got diagnosed three weeks ago with it in my right leg. Needless to say I am so devastated! Im a fighter so time to put on the gloves! Stay strong my friend. ????????????


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