The Juzo Difference

The Juzo Difference is Quality

All compression therapy garments are not designed and manufactured the same. Here are a few key features to look for when shopping for your compression garment. Our number one goal is to ensure a positive, comfortable wearing experience for you.

No Latex

Garments manufactured with latex rubber have a short shelf life because over time the latex rubber compression fibers will break down and crumble from wear and tear and from exposure to sunlight, heat, oils, lotions or ointments. Some people also run the risk of acquiring latex skin allergies while wearing garments made with latex. That’s why all Juzo products are latex free.

High-Quality Material

Most of our compression garments are made with Lycra®, the highest quality synthetic compression fiber on the market. Lycra resists wear and tear. Some manufacturers use Spandex (a lower grade fiber) or latex rubber compression fibers which wear down, are more susceptible to breakdown, are harder to care for and typically less comfortable to wear.

Inlay Thread

The major difference between a higher quality compression garment and lower quality garment (over-the-counter products) is an inlay thread, generally made of Lycra or rubber. Juzo inlay threads are knitted into the material in a continuous manner and different compression levels are achieved by adjusting the tension of this inlay thread, providing a high level of compression consistency.

Covered Threads

If a compression garment has a shine to it or feels sticky on the inside, this indicates that the compression fibers are uncovered. Garments made with covered compression fibers are superior because they ensure greater comfort, durability, softness and ease of putting on and taking off. Juzo’s exclusive FiberSoft® process wraps each compression fiber with soft, protective threads which lift the compression fiber off the skin and increase the garment’s durability and comfort.

Ease of Care

Compression therapy garments should be washed and dried each night. Latex rubber compression garments must be hand washed and air dried, while Juzo latex-free garments can be machine washed and dried for greater convenience.

Perfect Fit

Juzo offers a wide range of standard, off-the-rack sizes, plus custom-made garments tailored to fit virtually any size and shape.

Supports movement to encourage physical activity - a key factor to living healthy and minimizing chronic disease.
Juzo compression garments are not made with natural rubber latex, making them ideal for people who suffer from latex allergies.
Juzo's exclusive FiberSoft® manufacturing process involves micro-spinning every compression fiber with soft, protective threads to provide a comfortable, breathable, durable garment.
X-STATIC® harnesses the power of silver to create a powerful technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the garment. X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber.
Juzo's compression garment moves with you using fiber that stretches and recovers in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise.
Compression starts at distal end and gradually decreases as it moves up the limb. Graduated compression supports the management of Lymphedema or Venous Disease.
Easy to slip on and off. Machine wash and dry.
Casual and dress styles for men and women. Multiple print or color options, including seasonals. Great for work, home or play.
The major difference between a higher quality compression garment and a garment of lesser quality is the presence of an inlay thread, which provides a high level of compression consistency.
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